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Hello my name is Robert Black, I have worked various positions as a professional representative within the general market for the past twenty years or more, representing a variety of goods and services required within our own communities. There has never existed any doubt in my mind about the many benefits that could be realized, if I could find a systematic and convenient way that would inform my community of the goods or services that I represented, for both myself and my community. Through the patronage of my community; I could earn more income, which would make me a more valued employee for the general market companies that I represent, and the extra income that I realized would be returned to aid my community through the recirculation of our dollars.


Words alone cannot express how surprised and gratified I was to discover a system that done all of this and more. The African American Connection offers the African American (AA) consumer a range of purchasing choices that have a direct impact on the overall economic well being of our communities in a beneficial and meaningful way.


One of those choices consists of being able to conveniently locate the goods and services of our AA sales professionals that are employed within the general market. If you are a African American sales professional working or employed with a general market company selling electronics, financing, insurance, real estate, automobiles or any commission driven product or service; you cannot afford to dismiss "The African American Connection" as one of the most essential tools ever created for leveling the proverbial playing field, and aiding in your/our success within the general market place. Whatever it takes, I implore you to take your time to explore the features and benefits of this thoughtfully crafted, and wonderfully designed system known as The African American Connection. 


The African American Connection has my full ENDORSEMENT!


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